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Awesome Product - Terrible Support
Labtech is a pretty amazing product - but the support is worse than horrible.

I can honestly say that 100.0 % of the tickets that I have submitted in the last year have not been answered in the first submission. What usually happens is one of a couple of scenarios: either the ticket is ignored totally requiring me to open multiple tickets for the same issue or the ticket is closed without a solution. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to BEG for support. My favorite is that they will direct you to their forums for support … and then close the ticket… or offer you a solution that you have already tried and you told them that you tried this in excruciating detail in the ticket… they don’t read the ticket and are utterly unhelpful until you scream at them and actually get someone on the phone. This usually takes about a week or so… if at all.

Why am I paying for support then?

We just went through the upgrade from 2011.1 to 2011.2 and had some pretty heavy issues and errors. We now see approximately once per day that every monitored device will go into an error state for a few minutes and then report in again as being back online. Let me tell you that that will get your attention. The other thing that we see is that the agent will just shut down for no apparent reason. This will cause a server-down alert and also block your access to the server unless you have an alternative path for management.

I have to say that the vision of this product is pretty spectacular – but it isn’t ready for primetime just yet. I have reached out to LabTech many many times and I get the canned response that we have just added (fill in the blank here) resources and we are getting better blah blah blah… the truth is that they will not support you without your persistent chasing and hounding them for a solution.

If you are fluent in SQL and scripting you may be able to survive without the support – in which case I would say go for it. But if you are like the rest of us slobs trying to be a solution provider to customers in the SMB space and you don’t have a staff of 20 people you may want to look at some of the other solutions out there.

The RMM space has expanded substantially in the last couple of years, and while no tool will be all things to all folks, I would strongly recommend that you take a long hard look at the support that is available behind the product and not just the feature list of the product.

I can say that I have partnered with several MSPs and we all use LabTech and we are all experiencing the same issues – we are begging LabTech to step up and support the product. Stop giving us hollow promises that you will do better in the future. Lost the cocky attitude and answer our phone calls. Stop adding features to the feature list and start supporting the product that you have today.
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