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Excellent service by Kaseya IT Services KITS
Excellent services in Monitoring & Remediation done by KITS
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Expensive, and worthless after the purchase
After spending tens of thousands getting a Kaseya system working right, and tens more paying for 'maintenance' which ends up costing the same as the original purchase per month ($2600 per month for eternity in my small company), I decided to forgo maintenance after 2 years of almost no updates.
Much to my surprise, all my AV (KES) licenses expired after about 2 months. Suddenly I have no antivirus for hundreds of clients, even though I've purchased several hundred licenses that are waiting on the shelf to be implemented when the workstations run into their expiration date.
The solution from Kaseya? Pay all your back-maintenance, and sign up for a contract to pay for 2 more years, at the cost of over $65,000.
I can find antivirus for a LOT less, and I can sign up for another MSP software at that price.

No sense pouring in good money after bad.
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Still getting the job done
At the end of the day, the question is "How well were you able to support your clients?" Once the post-"K2" kinks were worked out, the Kaseya product has helped us do our jobs very well. Remote control, patch management, scripting & automating fixes, monitoring... this is the "cosmic background radiation" of running an MSP business. Kaseya doesn't get in our way, it just gets things done. When we want it to do more, we find ways to make it do more (scripting, monitoring, etc). On the other hand, support goes through some rough patches; every so often we hear about a "renewed commitment" to providing product support, which improves things for a while... and then things go back to "normal." We don't have to open many tickets nowadays, unlike in years past, so this isn't a showstopper. (Just... annoying sometimes.)
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Incredible platform with awesome features
The Kaseya platform has come a long way! We really appreciate is complete customization and flexibility. Not only is Kaseya one of the best MSP options out there, it is extremely useful as an in house help desk.

We use it for the Help Desk and Project Tracking as the primary tools, but it is also our centralized patched tool, scripting, remote desktop management, and auditing.

Kaseya is a complete and rock-solid solution.
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Product ok, support and pricing stink
We've been using K for 4 years now. The product is stable. Just like the other RMMs you have to put some effort in to get some results out. They are double the price of everyone else. The support stinks. I haven't heard from my sales rep in years. They seem to be losing ground. I am starting to look at other companies.
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loosing ground...
Product is great for MSPs that are willing to take the time to write their own scripts and monitor sets. We still use it, but based on their pricing model we will not be purchasing any more licenses due to them as a company just not getting it. Some of the new players in the market have a much better understanding of MSPs and where they are coming from and do not force you to not only pay a premium price but to also buy more than you need. Good produce.... bad company. Tech support request usually go unanswered or if they are answered it is usually a link to a KB that does not apply to your request.
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Still the best
I've been using Kaseya for approximately 5 years and it is by far the best and most mature RMM tool on the market. They have had their occassional issues with new product releases but that is to be expected with any large software platform. The key to Kaseya is its fully integrated nature. It's not just a bunch of bolt on products but is truly one platform. I have been able to grow my business without having to add head count and my techs love it. I have evaluated all the products, including some of the new ones and they don't compare.
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Kaseya User for 4 Years
(Updated: July 14, 2010)
Kaseya overall has been a good product for us. It's reliability is fantastic, and it quite a feature rich platform. Especially the scripting component which we use for a variety of issues from scheduled reboots, scheduled services restarts, to
registry modifications. The remote control tools have been wonderful too. The only reason I couldn't give them 4 stars is their approach to support. Customer issues don't really seem to be a priority for them. Overall, we haven't had many issues, but when we have, we are usually forced to spend a ton of time f iguring them out on our own.
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I'm a fan
Been using it for about 4 yrs, took some getting used to in the beginning, but it's all good now. Any problems we have now are usually a ConnectWise integration issue after updates to ConnectWise. Pretty solid. I'd like to see better reporting options, especially customizations and trending.
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9 results - showing 1 - 9