Hosted CanIt

Hosted CanIt

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Roaring Penguin Software
On Premise
Priced Per Unit


Spam Filter hosted by Roaring Penguin
Forward to any email server after filtering
98 % + of Spam blocked
Personalized filters
Personalized Quarantine, Whitelists and blacklists
Quarantine report

Hosted CanIt is a completely outsourced anti-spam soflution for MSPs. Simply point your clients MX records at our server and their spam problems will go away.

Focus on your business – not on filtering spam. Our goal was to develop a hosted spam solution that was customizable, yet easy to setup and maintain, and one that would fit into a small company budget. With Hosted CanIt, small organizations can now enjoy anti spam protection and options previously only available to large enterprises. Hosted CanIt is an hosted anti spam service run by Roaring Penguin Software. You point your clients MX Record at the Hosted CanIt server and your clients spam problems are solved. if your clients email servers are unavailable Hosted CanIt automatically queues all incoming mail for up to five days until the server comes back on line, at which point all queued mail is delivered. Hosted CanIt features a simple to use, web based system that allows you and your clients to have as much or as little control over filtering spam as you like.

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