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Campaigns, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, sales targets, budgets, projects and project management, tickets (fully configurable with bi-directional timesheet links), customer portal, multi-jurisdictional price books, rich product modelling, contracts, asset registers, purchase orders, timesheets, expenses, invoices, STP accounting interface, deferred revenue management, dashboards, inbuilt data analysis (customisable pivot views), multi-divisional multi-tennanted instance, multi-currency.

Every aspect of your business, in one place, accessible from the cloud. Eliminate stovepipe solutions and data islands Never forget to bill, never re-key anything Analyse your entire business without spreadsheets

Harmony is a full business lifecycle solution for technology businesses with particular applicability to MSP's. Harmony is based in the UK.

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Full featured, well supported PSA software
We recognized the need for new system that would fully integrate all of our business processes and accounting functions. We looked at several other PSA solutions alongside Harmony but found that Harmony came out on top in several areas. Harmony has more flexibility. We also liked the feel of the interface, its efficient and intuitive. And we knew that we could work well with the Harmony Support Team, who have been there every step of the way, providing amazing customer service, listening to our requests and making sure Harmony delivers. I can't say enough about how well they support this product.

Pros: Almost too many to mention. The ticketing system is awesome, it can be customised extensively. The timesheet entry interface is the "best we have ever seen", which is a quote from one of our consultants who has used many different PSA systems. The customer portal delivers exactly what we need. And the product modelling is where Harmony really shines. It support all of the various revenue models, terms, sales units, etc that people are looking for in a good PSA solution. The data upload interface is very comprehensive and provides very good error checking and validation which makes getting data into the system much easier than we expected.

Cons: We have come across a couple of small bugs but the team at Datalogic are so quick to respond that problems are sorted out straight away with little or no impact.
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A Business you can trust to deliver
This is the 3rd company I have implemented Harmony in to drive efficiency and process improvements and the best thing about the company is the people who own, operate and support it otherwise I would keep coming back. The functionality is just what we need with automatic updates and most importantly the customer self-service portal built in as standard. Rarely do you find a technology company with such a detailed understanding of customer needs.
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Dated Software
Maybe it's just me but this software feels a bit clunky and dated. Takes a long time to load, and quite frankly doesn't really automate anything. There are better options available in my opinion.
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Awesome product - saves us countless hours
I am honestly not sure how we ever did business before the introduction of Harmony. It has helped us in every part of our business, previously we were loosing so much £ due to incorrect invoicing, Harmony is awesome and captures everything :) I must have spent countless days looking for the "right" PSA tool and I just kept coming back to Harmony, I love it. Happy to share my experience with anybody thinking about a new PSA.
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Very flexible Ticketing system and great team behind
We purchased Harmony PSA as a replacement for a creaking old Access-based ticketing system for our Application Support Team. After researching and demo-ing around 40 other systems, we came across Harmony, and only 3 months after Go Live we are seeing serious improvements in time-saving, workflow, and our customers could not be happier with the customer-facing portal, customised to our brand I might add! We are yet to implement some of the more advanced SLA features, but I know when we do, the guys at Data Logic will be there to help design the system to meed our needs. A very happy customer indeed.
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Harmony PSA
From the first viewing it is obvious that HarmonyPSA is a very broad solution. It realises that MSP's are now looking to automate processes across all departments, not just technical support. Highly configurable, HarmonyPSA is taking business management and control to another level.

I would recommend that any MSP looking to improve its efficiency, replace legacy systems or reduce costs to take a look. www.harmonypsa.com
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