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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2394
GFI MAX Remote Management does not do what is promised
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
GFI MAX Remote Management does not do what is promised and their office does not return calls or respond to e-mail requests This software is very limited in its capability and does not do what the sales representatives promise. (No surprise there) It does is pull reports from Microsoft event logs. If you are looking for detailed reporting system with real information on reporting this will create more questions than answers The system is supposed to automatically bill a credit card but is buggy. There is no support available to fix the issue GFI does not and will not send out statements after you start up a service Finance department will not respond to phone calls and or e-mails There is no management to contact to resolve complaints or to get issues escalated So if it works for you great. If it does not there is no avenue work with this company Viper has been sold off to a different company and they are very responsive Threat Track security has taken over that side and they even tried to get GFI to resolve their issues with me but GFI did not respond the them or myself So GFI Viper is now part of Threat Track and I do recommend them The best way to measure a company is not how they respond when things work but how they respond and support you when they do not Be aware of what you are getting into with this company 
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