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Not just for small MSP's
(Updated: July 25, 2017)
As an MSP owner, we were long time users of Hound-Dog, and subsequent to their acquisition by GFI, GFI Max. On a personal level I've enjoyed working with the team at GFI Max in Dundee, their support has always been strong, they have a very friendly team across the board, and I have watched with interest as they've grown as a company. The initial allure of GFI Max for us was its simplicity out of the box. It's very simple to set-up, and so Junior members of staff were easily trained to deploy to new client sites. GFI have recently added the ability to roll-out it's Agent using Templates, as well as centrally edit or add multiple monitoring checks - which further simplifies the deployment and management process. Workstation Monitoring added a new opportunity for us. We were able to help clients highlight out-dated Workstations and keep control of their software license usage through auditing on a regular basis. Financial Directors love the ability to budget for these things rather than being slapped with a cost when things break-down! The Patch Management feature was invaluable. Saying goodbye to WSUS was not a hard decision to make! A lot of 3rd party services integrate into the Max dashboard. Most MSP's like to go for "Best of Breed", and Max integrates with plenty of popular AV's, Backup Software and other services. What is interesting is that as GFI grow as a company, they are adding more GFI services such as Managed AV which integrate directly into Max. I'm sure this will be of interest to many MSP's who like the idea of having one Dashboard to manage many services. One to watch! There is a perception that GFI Max is aimed solely at smaller MSP's. I'd argue that Max scales well, and features that you'd previously "upgrade" to larger RMM's like Kaseya for - such as scripting - are not only available within Max, but very easy to use too. Certainly, a couple of years ago we reached the point where we assumed a move to Kaseya was in order. GFI shared their roadmap with us, and not only did we save a fortune - with hindsight I'd now struggle to think of a feature that Kaseya would offer us that GFI Max doesn't. I always tell people never to underestimate the large investment required for a RMM tool not only in money, but more importantly in time. For me, Max wins here - it does 90% of what most MSP's want "out of the box" - needs little or no maintenance - and its killer feature, reporting, throws open a host of opportunities to MSP's savvy enough to realise that it's not just about delivering a good service to clients, but being SEEN to deliver a good service! GFI Max has made huge strides in the past couple of years, and seem to be gathering even more momentum still. I like the fact that really, there is no excuse for any IT company not to be thinking about Managed Services now. Both the investment in time and cost to move to Managed Services has been dramatically reduced by tools like Max - and they've clearly sparked a lot of competition in the RMM marketplace as other companies try to offer the same levels of features, without added complexity, for a low cost.
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