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Good for new MSPs
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
We used GFI Max for about 6 months before we outgrew it. This is a great product for smaller networks and new MSPs. GFI Max was our first RMM tool. We really liked the simple, easy to use web-based dashboard and the reporting. We found the client installation to be somewhat cumbersome as you had to configure the client every time you installed. We also had issues with having to hunt for the MIBs needed to monitor most of our SNMP based devices. We give GFI Max kudos for 3rd party patching support, Autotask integration, and remote control, but have advanced beyond what it can give us. The "Building Blocks" approach to starting small is very cool and the pricing structure is hard to beat, making it more of an entry-level RMM. We are currently using a more full-featured RMM that does everything we need, although with an on-premise server. We are really sad that we had to move on as we really liked the guys from GFI; they really are awesome. We spent a year continuing to monitor MAX hoping that we could go back. When we decided to leave our last tool we looked at MAX again and decided it still wasn't quite what we needed. Bottom line is GFI Max is a great starter RMM. You can sign up for free, use it cheaply, and leave for free at any time. If you are a new MSP and really have no idea what you need or how to use it then this could be the RMM tool for you - at least for a while. 
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June 01, 2012
Hello Matthew. I am curious at what point you outgrew MAX RM? (i.e. how big did you get)? What features did it not have that you needed? I am aware of some fairly large MSPs who do use MAX RM. Going from what you may consider to be a small MSP where MAX RM was a good fit, to outgrowing it in 6 months is certainly a notable accomplishment & I would think probably some very rapid major growth.

Anyway, I'm just curious on where it did not meet your needs. :-)

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