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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2394
Perfect for monitoring my Small Business Customers
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
I've been a GFI user since early 2008, and couldn't be happier with the product. The low price and no minimum-node restrictions make it the only affordable option I've been able to find that allows me to scale up as my client base grows. Because the entry point is so affordable, I'm able to offer my new clients a free trial of my monitoring service, which helps me to get my foot in the door and close more deals. Having the live dashboard available from anywhere lets me demo the product for prospective clients in sales meetings and it never fails to impress. The dashboard displays all the critical items that are important to the small business customers I'm presenting to, such as backup status, virus updates, hack attempts, etc. in a very easy to identify "Green Check" or "Red X" display. The instant alerts are also very easy to show customers from my BlackBerry, and the dashboard-based Inventories also make for an impressive demonstration of services I know my customers want. Because the dashboard is branded with my own company's identity, it greatly increases the professional image I want to project. The low entry price also makes it easy to offer new clients a limited set of managed services if they seem reluctant to go for a full-fledged support package. For instance, I can say, "How 'bout I only monitor the backups and virus updates for starters, just to make sure these very critical components don't fail?" Since GFI lets me pay for only what I use, I can offer a limited monitoring service at a rediculously low price, still cover my GFI costs, lock my new customer into a recurring service with me and lock me in as their go-to IT Provider. All-in-all, GFI Max is a very easy product to demonstrate and has helped tremendously in increasing new sales volume for me. Once the product is installed for a paying customer, I have no complaints about functionality or performance issues. The dashboard is super-easy to install and use, the instant alerts work flawlessly and the weekly reports are excellent for keeping my customers informed that I'm on top of keeping their network performing optimally. Excellent product at an excellent price. Couldn't give it a higher recommendation.
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