GFI MAX RemoteManagement

GFI MAX RemoteManagement

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On Premise
Priced Per Unit
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Priced per workstation, per server, per feature used, per customer - no minimum use, no minimum term, billed monthly.

There is also a Pricing Cap for both servers and workstations, to ensure no over-spends.

30-Day Free Trial available.


Easy to learn and deploy
Strong Reporting
Asset Management
Scheduled Automation Tools
Software Patching and Vulnerability Management
Managed Anti-Virus
Remote Control Application
Complimentary MSP Education Programme
Simple Pricing structure

Remote Monitoring and Management for all business models

GFI MAX RemoteManagement helps you grow your business, make more money, attract more customers and tie wandering break/fix customers to you - and makes it easy. What's more, this RMM tool has been built for use by any business model.  Whether you're break/fix, support bank or managed services, MAX helps you deliver superior IT support services.


Built for any business model

Our remote management software is built for MSPs and IT Support companies of all sizes. No matter what business model you're running, our comprehensive RMM software will help you deliver a superior service to your customers.

MAX helps you cut costs

Boost efficiencies and cut operational costs with automation and address issues proactively with instant alerts and Daily Health Checks. With GFI MAX RemoteManagement you can automate time-consuming manual checks on event logs, disk space, file sizes, Exchange® and more.

MAX keeps you focused on clients

This is a comprehensive remote monitoring and management system that keeps things easy and affordable. It takes just 10 minutes to implement, requires no training and needs no hardware to be installed or maintained.  Demonstrate your value - use our reporting tools to spot and illustrate the need for system upgrades, and the Client Weekly Report to strengthen working relationships with your clients.

MAX helps you win more contracts and make more money

With GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s innovative tools such as its Own-Brand System, Client Portal and Reporting, you can set yourself apart from the competition and win more business. We alert you to issues by email, SMS or dashboard, often before your client even knows there's a problem. Better still, your email or SMS alert gives you insight into the exact cause of the problem so you are able to fix it fast, reduce downtime, and keep your clients happy.  Easy!

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Not just for small MSP's
(Updated: July 25, 2017)
As an MSP owner, we were long time users of Hound-Dog, and subsequent to their acquisition by GFI, GFI Max. On a personal level I've enjoyed working with the team at GFI Max in Dundee, their support has always been strong, they have a very friendly team across the board, and I have watched with interest as they've grown as a company. The initial allure of GFI Max for us was its simplicity out of the box. It's very simple to set-up, and so Junior members of staff were easily trained to deploy to new client sites. GFI have recently added the ability to roll-out it's Agent using Templates, as well as centrally edit or add multiple monitoring checks - which further simplifies the deployment and management process. Workstation Monitoring added a new opportunity for us. We were able to help clients highlight out-dated Workstations and keep control of their software license usage through auditing on a regular basis. Financial Directors love the ability to budget for these things rather than being slapped with a cost when things break-down! The Patch Management feature was invaluable. Saying goodbye to WSUS was not a hard decision to make! A lot of 3rd party services integrate into the Max dashboard. Most MSP's like to go for "Best of Breed", and Max integrates with plenty of popular AV's, Backup Software and other services. What is interesting is that as GFI grow as a company, they are adding more GFI services such as Managed AV which integrate directly into Max. I'm sure this will be of interest to many MSP's who like the idea of having one Dashboard to manage many services. One to watch! There is a perception that GFI Max is aimed solely at smaller MSP's. I'd argue that Max scales well, and features that you'd previously "upgrade" to larger RMM's like Kaseya for - such as scripting - are not only available within Max, but very easy to use too. Certainly, a couple of years ago we reached the point where we assumed a move to Kaseya was in order. GFI shared their roadmap with us, and not only did we save a fortune - with hindsight I'd now struggle to think of a feature that Kaseya would offer us that GFI Max doesn't. I always tell people never to underestimate the large investment required for a RMM tool not only in money, but more importantly in time. For me, Max wins here - it does 90% of what most MSP's want "out of the box" - needs little or no maintenance - and its killer feature, reporting, throws open a host of opportunities to MSP's savvy enough to realise that it's not just about delivering a good service to clients, but being SEEN to deliver a good service! GFI Max has made huge strides in the past couple of years, and seem to be gathering even more momentum still. I like the fact that really, there is no excuse for any IT company not to be thinking about Managed Services now. Both the investment in time and cost to move to Managed Services has been dramatically reduced by tools like Max - and they've clearly sparked a lot of competition in the RMM marketplace as other companies try to offer the same levels of features, without added complexity, for a low cost.
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Excellent Product for Any MSP
(Updated: July 25, 2017)
My business has been using GFI MAX for 2.5 years now and I can say it is the best RMM tool on the market. We have used Labtech, Level Platforms and a couple others without the success we found in GFI - where else can you get excellent RMM, patch management, antivirus, and perfect remote control all in a single package? Deploying to a network is a breeze with group policy. The support is responsive and very helpful when dealing with any problems. We currently monitor 1000 Windows Devices and I can say it's still an excellent fit for our MSP. Anyone having serious issues (like the previous reviewer) with getting GFI to work well for them is not going to be satisfied with any other product - I would know after investing thousands in competing products.
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GFI MAX Remote Management does not do what is promised
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
GFI MAX Remote Management does not do what is promised and their office does not return calls or respond to e-mail requests This software is very limited in its capability and does not do what the sales representatives promise. (No surprise there) It does is pull reports from Microsoft event logs. If you are looking for detailed reporting system with real information on reporting this will create more questions than answers The system is supposed to automatically bill a credit card but is buggy. There is no support available to fix the issue GFI does not and will not send out statements after you start up a service Finance department will not respond to phone calls and or e-mails There is no management to contact to resolve complaints or to get issues escalated So if it works for you great. If it does not there is no avenue work with this company Viper has been sold off to a different company and they are very responsive Threat Track security has taken over that side and they even tried to get GFI to resolve their issues with me but GFI did not respond the them or myself So GFI Viper is now part of Threat Track and I do recommend them The best way to measure a company is not how they respond when things work but how they respond and support you when they do not Be aware of what you are getting into with this company 
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Almost great
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
USE: I am a small business (1 man shop) with small business clients 
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Good for new MSPs
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
We used GFI Max for about 6 months before we outgrew it. This is a great product for smaller networks and new MSPs. GFI Max was our first RMM tool. We really liked the simple, easy to use web-based dashboard and the reporting. We found the client installation to be somewhat cumbersome as you had to configure the client every time you installed. We also had issues with having to hunt for the MIBs needed to monitor most of our SNMP based devices. We give GFI Max kudos for 3rd party patching support, Autotask integration, and remote control, but have advanced beyond what it can give us. The "Building Blocks" approach to starting small is very cool and the pricing structure is hard to beat, making it more of an entry-level RMM. We are currently using a more full-featured RMM that does everything we need, although with an on-premise server. We are really sad that we had to move on as we really liked the guys from GFI; they really are awesome. We spent a year continuing to monitor MAX hoping that we could go back. When we decided to leave our last tool we looked at MAX again and decided it still wasn't quite what we needed. Bottom line is GFI Max is a great starter RMM. You can sign up for free, use it cheaply, and leave for free at any time. If you are a new MSP and really have no idea what you need or how to use it then this could be the RMM tool for you - at least for a while. 
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Perfect for monitoring my Small Business Customers
(Updated: July 24, 2017)
I've been a GFI user since early 2008, and couldn't be happier with the product. The low price and no minimum-node restrictions make it the only affordable option I've been able to find that allows me to scale up as my client base grows. Because the entry point is so affordable, I'm able to offer my new clients a free trial of my monitoring service, which helps me to get my foot in the door and close more deals. Having the live dashboard available from anywhere lets me demo the product for prospective clients in sales meetings and it never fails to impress. The dashboard displays all the critical items that are important to the small business customers I'm presenting to, such as backup status, virus updates, hack attempts, etc. in a very easy to identify "Green Check" or "Red X" display. The instant alerts are also very easy to show customers from my BlackBerry, and the dashboard-based Inventories also make for an impressive demonstration of services I know my customers want. Because the dashboard is branded with my own company's identity, it greatly increases the professional image I want to project. The low entry price also makes it easy to offer new clients a limited set of managed services if they seem reluctant to go for a full-fledged support package. For instance, I can say, "How 'bout I only monitor the backups and virus updates for starters, just to make sure these very critical components don't fail?" Since GFI lets me pay for only what I use, I can offer a limited monitoring service at a rediculously low price, still cover my GFI costs, lock my new customer into a recurring service with me and lock me in as their go-to IT Provider. All-in-all, GFI Max is a very easy product to demonstrate and has helped tremendously in increasing new sales volume for me. Once the product is installed for a paying customer, I have no complaints about functionality or performance issues. The dashboard is super-easy to install and use, the instant alerts work flawlessly and the weekly reports are excellent for keeping my customers informed that I'm on top of keeping their network performing optimally. Excellent product at an excellent price. Couldn't give it a higher recommendation.
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