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Backup Solutions C claimme 902
Good online back for SOHO and Small Businesses
Having been an actual past reseller of eFolder I wanted to give them a quick review. The do deliver a fair value for the $ but nothing to jump up and down about. If you want a product that you can resell directly off of your website to end users and SOHO then this is the perfect product. If you are backing up a company's entire data set then it may get a bit price and you will want to compare it with solutions that offer on-premise backup to virtual drive recovery with hardware (BDR - Like Zenith, CharTec and Datto). I would suggest that this product is great entry level offering for cost concious users. By they way, they have a GREAT staff managing their partner program in the US so you won't be dissapointed in the reseller support they provide.
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July 25, 2011
Thanks Mark for the review! We actually quietly launched our own BDR product late last year at a nice price point, and now it's in full production (we have several hundred terabytes of BDR-specific data backed up already). We invite prospective partners to compare to see if we're a fit for their customers with aging BDR devices.

Our goal is to provide a single solution for both bare-metal on-site/off-site server/desktop backup/continuity/recovery, as well as file-level protection for NAS devices and laptops. Hot off the presses is our new feature BDR-to-BDR replication, which we've had high demand for from distant international markets where local bandwidth is so much less expensive.

Best, Kevin [full disclosure: I'm the CEO of eFolder]
July 26, 2011
In reply to an earlier comment

Thanks for the update Kev! eFolder having BDR definately puts you in the running with the "big boys". I caught up with your sales team in Charlotte at MSPU boot camp and still think you have some of the best people working for you.
2 results - showing 1 - 2