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Auvik Networks Inc.
On Premise
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Multiple pricing tiers available. Pricing is by billable device, aggregated across an MSP's client base. Billable devices are routers, switches, firewalls, Wi-Fi controllers, load balancers, and packet processors. All other devices, including servers and end-user devices, are managed for free.

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* MSP dashboard for managing all client accounts in one location
* Automated network discovery and mapping
* Automated inventory of all devices
* Alerts & notifications (preconfigured, as well as customizable)
* Service monitoring
* Context-aware device data
* Real-time network stats & detailed historic logs
* Debug data (ARP & FDB tables, routes)
* Network evidence
* Integration with ConnectWise & Slack (with more to come)
* Configuration management & analysis
* Configuration restore
* Remote management
* Password management
* IP address management
* Exportable maps and reports
* Cloud-based
* Agentless
* Free support

Auvik MSP Edition is a network-first RMM solution that helps managed service providers deliver better service to more customers in less time. It’s a perfect complement to traditional RMM tools that are strong on managing end user devices but that lack network visibility. A master dashboard allows MSPs to roll up multiple networks into a single account. From one screen, an MSP can see every network they manage. One click takes them down into any individual network for more detailed analysis and troubleshooting. From there, powerful features like automated topology and inventory, pre-configured network monitoring, and one-click access to remote desktop management make managing client networks incredibly efficient.

Here are three attributes MSPs say they love about Auvik: FAST CUSTOMER ONBOARDING Typically, it takes days of finicky setup and configuration to add a new customer to an MSP roster. But with Auvik, it takes minutes. Install Auvik on a customer network and the system automatically maps and inventories every device on the network and launches with pre-configured monitoring. Done and done. A SINGLE DASHBOARD Every network that an MSP manages can be seen and accessed through one screen. A central dashboard brings incredible efficiencies to the work of juggling multiple networks all day long. Viewing, troubleshooting, or managing a whole roster of customers becomes as simple as clicking around a screen. INCREDIBLY EASY RMM MSPs are usually stuck building clunky VPN tunnels, one by one, to the various networks they manage. With Auvik, remote management through RDP, VNC, a terminal, or a web interface is only a click away. We’re talking just seconds to get into any machine on a network.

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