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Datto Inc.
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Initial hardware cost, and a flat monthly fee after that. Absolutely no hidden fees for virtualization, BMRs, or disaster recoveries.

Datto Inc. is an award-winning provider of hardware-based on and off-site backup and disaster recovery solutions. A channel-only company, Datto's backup and disaster recovery solutions are available exclusively through Datto Resale Partners – over 2,000 IT Service Providers across North America and Europe. Datto solutions can be found in verticals such as: healthcare, education, municipalities, retail, law, manufacturing, small business, finance, insurance and many more.

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Amazing Product!
The units that we have deployed have been rock solid for us. Backups run like clock work on these devices.

The support has been phenomenal for us. If there is an issue they fix it in a timely manner.

The only downsides at this time are that there is no file exclusion on the device and if you have a site with lower bandwidth it doesn't backup to the cloud as well as it should.

Side note: This will backup an iSeries which is HUGE!!!
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A Buggy Nightmare. Stay far far away!!!!
We transitioned from Zenith to Datto like many other MSPs, and it has been the worst experience we've had with a vendor in our history (15+ years)

Among the issues:

- The software is buggy, there have been multiple times that we've attempted to restore files and found out the data was "corrupted" somehow. Say goodbye to your clients

- Support is a joke. Barely any of the guys know what theyre doing over there, no follow-up on tickets, no proactive effort. Just not a fit for an MSP who has clients chomping at the bit to get answers

- Don't trust the DR. Tried to bring up a couple clients during Sandy and none of them were successful.

Don't get tricked by the tech, talk to people using it for more than a couple of months. You'll get the truth.
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Replaced all Zenith BDR's with Datto
Over the past 18 months or so we have transitioned all BDR clients to Datto. We are also transitioning some Doyenz offsite recovery clients to Datto, and even some of our larger Intronis clients to Datto. The new product, Alto is pretty slick, we bought one to test drive and it works as advertised, now it is out at a client site chugging along. Just traded in 3 more zenith BDRs for 50% off of 3 new Datto boxes. Datto works for us because it just works and makes the day to day management much more streamlined. Keep up the good work guys.
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Simple setup, great support
We deployed a Siris device to a client and it was so easy to setup and train the user on how to backup, virtualize, and add more agents. The interface is very simple and easy to understand and the device 'just works'! When we did have to work with support, they were very helpful.

There was an issue with one of the drives that gave an error and when we contacted support they quickly sent a replacement drive overnight for replace. It was a simple process and support walked me through logging back into device and running some commands in a terminal window for it to see the replacement drive. Only suggestion, I wish the support was available via phone more than just 9AM-8PM EST. Most of us put these devices in after hours and having support available during this time would be vital for MSPs.
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