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The Center of our Universe
We've been with Connectwise for several years now and there are many things that make this the tool invaluable for our organization. Integration is a key piece of our business puzzle and ConnectWise has that in spades. Almost all of our key vendors have hooks into the CW system and the open API allows us to do even more should we choose to go that route in the future. Automation and workflows are also something we rely on heavily within CW.

Not to make it sound like we're Kool-Aid drinkers, there are also some things that could be better. We use a 3rd party reporting tool to send out reports to our clients. Also support can sometimes be tricky to deal with. The online chat has been a huge plus and they are available after hours and weekends which is perfect for me because that's typically when I have time to make requests. When the chat support can't answer the questions, that's when things can sometimes go into a black hole but that is rare and email support typically takes a lot longer to get a response from.

Everyone I have ever come in contact with at CW seems to genuinely care and IT Nation (the annual conference) is second to none in the industry. CW has been, is and will continue to be one of our key partners and overall we have been very satisfied with our decision to use them as our PSA tool.
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Connectwise runs my business
My company Evolve IT Australia originally signed up as a Connectwise partner since 2007 simply to manage our recently created client agreements and have some integration and communication with our RMM tool but our attitude towards the importance this product would play in our business instantly changed once we set it up and saw the financial benefits within the first 30 days alone. It was then and only then that we decided that this will be our business platform for all areas of our business. Like any other PSA or RMM tool, to maximise the potential of the product, you MUST set aside time to properly plan, train, implement and empower your team to be part of the process. I believe these in conjunction with purchasing Connectwise are the keys to success with implementing a PSA.

We use most almost all areas of Connectwise with a real focus on the Sales, Accounting and RMM integration pieces. To have flow right from the opportunity stage, to the quote, to the purchase order, invoice, general ledger and then back out to managing the asset with agreements, renewals etc, it covers every aspect of our business returning instant value and meeting our recurring revenue goals.

Connectwise offers a training and resource area like no other that we have seen from a vendor. There is more education resources and training videos than you can ever apply or use. To be able to assign a category of training for an employee to complete and successfully pass in order to start their job/role as well as ongoing training as roles change or the business grows is invaluable. The training and successful passing of free online courses in the university is part of our on boarding process of a new staff member. The support is fantastic (especially love the Live Chat support), discussion forums are VERY active and most of our suggestions over the years for enhancements that we have submitted have now been chosen and built into Connectwise.

Finally I think the strength of Connectwise also comes from partners. As far as community is concerned, they have nailed it. From quarterly user groups where we come together to work with Connectwise and other partners to achieve better results for all, to their tight relationships with the other key vendors we use. These vendor relationships covering RMM tools, sales, security right through to reporting companies ensures we have the correct flow of information through our business.

If you are hoping to purchase a PSA as a “magic pill” to fix your business like many companies have done with purchasing RMM tools, remember that nothing much will change until you set aside plenty of time to properly plan, train, implement and empower your team to be part of the process. Connectwise now runs my business and since 2007, I have never looked back.
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Connectwise has been a game changer for us, Amazing!
My company has been on Connectwise for 3 years. I have seen the other posts here and feel it necessary to give my experience with the product. When I started with Connectwise the add-on features and quoting options were explained to me. Not to mention all very useful. The integration with several quoting tools (Quosal, Quotewerks, and Channel Online), integrations with several RMM tools (Kaseya, Labtech, N-Able, etc…), and the Connectwise Mobile have all been invaluable options for us. They allow us to use Connectwise as a tool that fits our business the way we choose to use it.
Another thing I have always been very impressed with is the Connectwise University. I think the other posting person may have not noticed what is in there. The library of step-by-step guides in videos is massive. There are hundreds of them, and they are well categorized to be able to drop in and see a specific subject you are interested in.
In other posts I also saw mention of horrible support. I find their support is typically very responsive and easy to get a hold of. The support chat option works very well.
I think the real missing link for many Connectwise users happens when they don’t engage in the Connectwise Community. This is the real gem of Connectwise. I don’t care what software you compare it against, there is nothing else like what Connectwise has built. They have quarterly user’s group meetings, an annual summit, and excellent forums for users. This more than any other part makes Connectwise worth every single penny. I have never seen a company invest in this like Connectwise has.
Sure, something in your setup may be funny, or you don’t like the ticket flow. Come to a user’s group or the online forum and ask the question once and get answers from real companies that use it every day. I love it, I wouldn’t even dream of using anything else.
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ConnectWise is our favorite vendor
I am a ConnectWise user since 2005. We bought into PSA software for one main reason; because we were not capturing all billable time. The system has paid for itself several times over on that fact alone. However, we utilize ConnectWise for so many things in our business it would be difficult to list them all! Our business is inter-woven into ConnectWise. For example, opening a ticket (either by the customer or our techs or by RMM automation) kicks off workflow and automated processes that we could no longer effectively replicate manually. We deliver better, consistant service to our customers through ConnectWise.

It does take a significant investment of time to learn the software and to really integrate it with your business and processes. But ConnectWise really shines at that too. There is an incredible community of staff and users who are more than willing to help. ConnectWise has an online University that is phenomenal, online forums filled with active users, well attended quarterly user group meetings around the world, and of course, IT Nation, a huge conference in Orlando each November. Last year, I think there were 1200 attendees. Aside from the great social events, the education and networking factors are second to none.

For anyone experiencing frustration communicating with ConnectWise, I suggest you probably just need some help navigating the organization. ConnectWise staffers care more about their customers than any of our other vendors. Start by finding out who runs your local user group (, and ask for help getting connected to the right people.
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Still going strong...
We have been a ConnectWise Partner for more than 8 years and could not run my business without it. Of course we have had technical difficulties, but I will say they have always worked through them with us, and management is always availiable to help you if you need it. The software has grown and progressed very nicely over the years. My techs are loving the new mobile app and helps them keep time current and up to date, which I love!!
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Since September 2009, I have been using ConnectWise and LOVE it! At times there have been situations where the support was spotty, but never with severe issues. In the beginning we spent a lot of time sorting out various minor problems as we had expected to do with any software of this caliber. The software ran on our in-house server back then, which added some management time and costs, but today we use the cloud version which is infinitely better than it was upon first release. We also use Labtech for our remote monitoring and love it.

ConnectWise is a monster that helps to run the vast majority of your business so if you're expecting to install it without any configuration or learning curve then you're barking up the wrong tree. Think of it like downloading a business plan template and attempting to use it to obtain funding without making any changes. Silly right? So take some time to learn the software and how it can improve your business processes before jumping into it with little to no regard.

I guess the moral of the story is, don't get all worked up about a few negative reviews regarding support because there will be bumps along the road. ConnectWise is an incredibly powerful and robust software that will improve your business by leaps and bounds. If it doesn't then you're not using it properly.
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Connectwise is more than just software...
We've been on Connectwise for almost 10 years now and have seen the software change from a small start up that did time tracking, CRM, and billing to the powerhouse PSA it is today. The software continues to evolve and the Management Team has really started to listen to end users and get their feedback.

On top of being a core software that we rely on every day to run our business, the Community they have is AMAZING. That's where I get the most value from the Connectwise platform and that's where I get the most learning and improvements for my business. They care about the community and they invest in the community to help their partners grow.
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Connectwise provides the pulse for Heartland Technology Solutions
We have been a CW client since 2004. The ability to maintain all client information in once place for both sales and service has been invaluable. The product that we installed in 2004 is not the product we use today. It has morphed and grown through updates and upgrades into a product that has become more and more usable and relevant to us. Our primary takeaway from CW is accountablity. We can understand and measure the efforts of our sales staff and our engineers. We are also able to forecast future business through opportunities. Support has been very good for us. We are completely happy with the product and partnership we have with CW.
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ConnectWise is more than a PSA
ConnectWise is an amazing PSA but the community and the peer support is just as good. ConnectWise has been instrumental in building our business.

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MUCH more than just a PSA platform...
We found ConnectWise in 2004 on a frantic search for something better than the Exchange-driven home grown system we had. One of the initial driving factors to our purchase was that this was a software package written by people who walk in our shoes and were originally trying to solve the exact same problems we had. The approach: profitablity through utilization and accountability. It was the single best purchase we made since we started in 1989 and had paid for itself in under 6 weeks. We never realized how much unbillable time oozed out the day of the average engineer until we were able to track it, and again didn't realize how many other opportunities we were missing.

What began as a single process has really helped us develop over the next several years. ConnectWise continued to develop the product, but an even larger value were the events, community activities, and education that helped break us out of "tunnel-vision" mode and get a much bigger picture of the industry in general. In short, it very well could have saved us from a slow and painful death. In fact, we had never even heard of "managed services" until then, but over the years we have formed relationships with other IT companies and vendors as a direct result of the ConnectWise community.

From a product standpoint, we have had outstanding success being able to effectively manage everything from standard service tickets to recurring agreements, projects, and even the elusive sales funnel. The open API integration has allowed communication with all of our RMM tools and even third party solutions that integrate into our website. Fewer products to manage = happier employees!

If you are looking for a new PSA, consider ConnectWise the entire IT EXPERIENCE rather than just a simple software solution, and realize that anybody can create a tool, but it takes a visionary company to create the community ConnectWise has - and when you learn to leverage that value, the other packages pale in comparison.
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ConnectWise is a HUGE part of our growth!
We've been using ConnectWise since 2003 (I think we were install #40 or something like that), and it's hard to imagine our business without it. Out of the gate, it added 10% to our bottom line just in terms of accurate and prompt billing for T&M work. Then, as Managed Services business took off, the tools and integration with the industry platforms allowed us to implement services that really help our clients.

They say you can't manage what you can't measure, and ConnectWise helps us measure EVERYTHING. We can track utilization and ROI quickly and accurately, and that makes us nimble, and THAT helps us and our clients.
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