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Poor ticketing system for techs
The web interface is prone to slowness and doesn't handle latency at all. There is no keyboard shortcut to save the ticket, so say hello to RSI and lots of manual clicking to just get a ticket created and assigned. It takes about 5-7 minutes on average to cut a normal password reset ticket out. Managenow, HEAT and other service tools I've used have been FAR FAR FAR better than this waste of time. In order to get an accurate reporting picture, management has made it so that we need to assign the ticket to several different boards to change one status. If you need to change a procedure operationally in order to get your reporting accurate, then you have bad reporting integration too!!
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Marketing Director
Terrible service, never answer emails or calls. I'm glad our company tested ConnectWise for our marketing department before utilizing them for service. I would trust all of these 1 star ratings!! Companies do make dummy accounts for great reviews.
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extremely and needlessly complex, time consuming, and confusing. This is coming from an employee of an IT company. When using this product I receive constant customer complaints because the invoices are confusing and inaccurate. Support is horrible and often takes days to answer a simple problem. I would never recommend this product to anyone. avoid at all costs.
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Honest, educated review
Here is an attempt to provide a real review that will help you depending on the state of your organization.

ConnectWise has seen a great deal of success by marketing through IT small business peer groups. As a former member of one of them, I can tell you that the average size of these participating companies is less than 10 employees.

If you are a small organization with no tools, freeware, and/or disparate tools, the product will likely seem like a holy grail and will indeed improve your business by leaps and bounds. The real attraction is a fairly good ticketing and ticketing labor invoice system. And, if you have no CRM solution, something is going to be better than nothing, so you will think it's a pretty darn good overall tool for managing customers and potential customers.

The reality, however, is that the product does not compare to any leading software in terms of abilities and functionality. If you have spent any time in a market leading financial, CRM, or ERP solution, you will most certainly realize that the product is horribly painful to use and has significant inefficiencies. Functions require more steps, take longer, and many of the things you wish to do you simply will not be able to. The interface has very limited options for customizing the data fields you desire, and removing those you don't. Reporting is is flat out awful. The CRM system is the worst I've had the misfortune of trying to use.

My perspective is that you should only consider it as a ticketing system. In turn, you need to weigh the cost of that ticketing system against alternate solutions, consider integration costs, or more likely costs of time spent on manual processes between systems due to no integration.

Also, feedback from my peers suggests that there is often some level of buyers remorse, mostly in the fact that they spend so much to get into the product that they feel stuck and continue to renew etc and spend money on a system they don't like.
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Substandard Product No support
We Purchased Connect wise Back in June 2013
We paid for the Support install and integration which has never happened (Its now November 2013)
After they Installed the Base Product, which they would not let us install our selves,We found a security whole that allowed us access to the administrator password on all customer and cloud based services (yes there hosted service too). (It took them a while to resolve this issue) when we reported the issue they never called us back to see how we found this fault.

Basically the product was developed with its config files unencrypted within a web accessible folder.
Since this point we have had no real reply from Conenctwise

Their support is non existed for anyone out of thier time zone, so if your in Australia looking at this product stay clear.
They will only "reach out to you" (their favourite phrase) by email and never answer you questions
(I've payed installation costs but never had the installation completed)

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Horrible for Marketing and Sales management / Poor Reporting
Awful product. Inflexible and poor reporting. Poor support. We've been using Connectwise for a few years now, fortunately our contract is coming to an end soon. No web-to-lead functionality, uploads contacts using Company as unique ID (instead of something more unique like a web address or you get duplicate contacts), poor campaign and group management, no custom reporting, can't use custom fields...and the list goes on.

If you plan to use this product, you better be a guru in excel, that's the only way you'll get the information you want out of it.
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Wow support is horrible
I just became a recent cloud partner with Connectwise. I am extremely disappointed. Though the actual program is a useful tool getting anything done by support is ridiculous. I submitted a request to get some email connectors setup, it took 5 business days for a half ass email response from the tech, which could have been answered by a quick phone call. I responded immediately and now 2 business days later nothing. I have called asking for a manager. The response I always seem to get (same with the partner company Labtech) is they are in a meeting. Anyone else seeing these issues? I am wondering if I should even move forward with this software.
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God help you
Awful software. We have been using it for about a year now, and it takes more time to create and add time to a ticket than it does to actually work the ticket. It's called a cache, but apparently the CW developers are unaware of why a bloated quasi-browser front end is a bad idea. I'm sure there is some reporting on the back end that is useful for management, but as a tech that has to use it dozens of times a day - I hate it. I've honestly thought about writing my own front end. Every single step requires far too much complexity. Even entering time is cumbersome.

I'm sure all the complexity adds up to some nice back office reporting and tracking - but from one of the grunts who has to use it all day, I can say look somewhere else.
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Our company has been using ConnectWise for almost two years and I cannot wait to move to another platform. Their support has been horribly slow, our cloud-hosted solution has been slow, and our experience in general has been terrible. They roll out updated with no apparent testing, which has taken down our company on invoicing days multiple times. You can't call for support without getting transferred to someones mailbox, which leaves you with chat or email as your only options. It seems like they couldn't care less about our business, as long as theirs keeps growing. I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and attribute these issues to growing pains, but it just doesn't appear to be the case.

There are so many intuitive reports that are not available. For example, if i want to know how much of product X have we sold in a certain date range, it isn't possible. Downstream IT and reselling CW to clients are both complete nightmares, and CW seems to just throw their hands up at both. The sales module, inventory/purchasing module, marketing capabilities, configurations, integrations with RMMs, etc. are all so cumbersome and complex that they are nearly unusable.

In an nutshell, CW does a lot of things okay, but does none of them well. It is very difficult to find someone at CW who actually cares about what you are going through or has any sort of pride in the service they are providing. I can't wait to get away from CW!
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