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MUCH more than just a PSA platform...
We found ConnectWise in 2004 on a frantic search for something better than the Exchange-driven home grown system we had. One of the initial driving factors to our purchase was that this was a software package written by people who walk in our shoes and were originally trying to solve the exact same problems we had. The approach: profitablity through utilization and accountability. It was the single best purchase we made since we started in 1989 and had paid for itself in under 6 weeks. We never realized how much unbillable time oozed out the day of the average engineer until we were able to track it, and again didn't realize how many other opportunities we were missing.

What began as a single process has really helped us develop over the next several years. ConnectWise continued to develop the product, but an even larger value were the events, community activities, and education that helped break us out of "tunnel-vision" mode and get a much bigger picture of the industry in general. In short, it very well could have saved us from a slow and painful death. In fact, we had never even heard of "managed services" until then, but over the years we have formed relationships with other IT companies and vendors as a direct result of the ConnectWise community.

From a product standpoint, we have had outstanding success being able to effectively manage everything from standard service tickets to recurring agreements, projects, and even the elusive sales funnel. The open API integration has allowed communication with all of our RMM tools and even third party solutions that integrate into our website. Fewer products to manage = happier employees!

If you are looking for a new PSA, consider ConnectWise the entire IT EXPERIENCE rather than just a simple software solution, and realize that anybody can create a tool, but it takes a visionary company to create the community ConnectWise has - and when you learn to leverage that value, the other packages pale in comparison.
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