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Here is an attempt to provide a real review that will help you depending on the state of your organization.

ConnectWise has seen a great deal of success by marketing through IT small business peer groups. As a former member of one of them, I can tell you that the average size of these participating companies is less than 10 employees.

If you are a small organization with no tools, freeware, and/or disparate tools, the product will likely seem like a holy grail and will indeed improve your business by leaps and bounds. The real attraction is a fairly good ticketing and ticketing labor invoice system. And, if you have no CRM solution, something is going to be better than nothing, so you will think it's a pretty darn good overall tool for managing customers and potential customers.

The reality, however, is that the product does not compare to any leading software in terms of abilities and functionality. If you have spent any time in a market leading financial, CRM, or ERP solution, you will most certainly realize that the product is horribly painful to use and has significant inefficiencies. Functions require more steps, take longer, and many of the things you wish to do you simply will not be able to. The interface has very limited options for customizing the data fields you desire, and removing those you don't. Reporting is is flat out awful. The CRM system is the worst I've had the misfortune of trying to use.

My perspective is that you should only consider it as a ticketing system. In turn, you need to weigh the cost of that ticketing system against alternate solutions, consider integration costs, or more likely costs of time spent on manual processes between systems due to no integration.

Also, feedback from my peers suggests that there is often some level of buyers remorse, mostly in the fact that they spend so much to get into the product that they feel stuck and continue to renew etc and spend money on a system they don't like.
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