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History of poor development releases and lack of customer care in addressing known issues
We have been a committed partner of CW for 4 years and use almost all areas of it's functionality. While some are better than others (CRM is poor) the overall benefit of it's wide scope has been really useful. Unfortunately without fail every new release has added more problems than it fixes. The support are fairly tireless in trying to help but all serious issues generally fall out of their hands as known issues or the ubiquitous excuse of "enhancement requests" (read poorly designed features that need fixing)

Development releases are now more rolling in nature which is a response to complaints about the delayed bath releases. Unfortunately the batch releases came about due to serious problems with the lack of control on ad hoc patches. Neither of these changes address the issue of poor development and testing practices but the message from CW is that development problems are now a thing of the past.

My latest experience was a complaint about a number of core known issues that have been outstanding too long (including poor general performance). Adding to the concerns about weak development the customer service team did nothing but send automatic emails and close of my complaint without any discussion. Further complaints to the customer service manager have resulted in no action taken or response provided.

This leaves a very strong impression of Arnie Bellini expecting that we are now tied in following the investment of time and money in the software, and therefore are not going anywhere. This is not the case for us but may be enough to keep other partners from leaving.
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