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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 1751
You can run your business on it
Kinda huge, kinda slow, but lots of value for the money.
CW has really helped us as far as sales tracking and integrating things a little more cleanly. We already had a product that did what CW does for support, asset management, and contact management, but we just shifted the $$$'s we were paying a developer over to ConnecWise and got so much more in return. It's funny, we went to the CW conference in 2006 and Arnie polled the audience for how many people use what modules. After ticketing and contacts, man, next to no one was using any of the other things (and I still don't use the project management, it is just to much trouble). But, the CRM and Sales tools are where the rubber meets the road folks. There may be better PSA tools that handle ticketing, or assets, or crm, but none do all the tricks as well as ConnectWise. As a bonus, CW has a prety active community that had broad knowledge of the product and how their businesses use it.
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