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Connectwise has been a game changer for us, Amazing!
My company has been on Connectwise for 3 years. I have seen the other posts here and feel it necessary to give my experience with the product. When I started with Connectwise the add-on features and quoting options were explained to me. Not to mention all very useful. The integration with several quoting tools (Quosal, Quotewerks, and Channel Online), integrations with several RMM tools (Kaseya, Labtech, N-Able, etc…), and the Connectwise Mobile have all been invaluable options for us. They allow us to use Connectwise as a tool that fits our business the way we choose to use it.
Another thing I have always been very impressed with is the Connectwise University. I think the other posting person may have not noticed what is in there. The library of step-by-step guides in videos is massive. There are hundreds of them, and they are well categorized to be able to drop in and see a specific subject you are interested in.
In other posts I also saw mention of horrible support. I find their support is typically very responsive and easy to get a hold of. The support chat option works very well.
I think the real missing link for many Connectwise users happens when they don’t engage in the Connectwise Community. This is the real gem of Connectwise. I don’t care what software you compare it against, there is nothing else like what Connectwise has built. They have quarterly user’s group meetings, an annual summit, and excellent forums for users. This more than any other part makes Connectwise worth every single penny. I have never seen a company invest in this like Connectwise has.
Sure, something in your setup may be funny, or you don’t like the ticket flow. Come to a user’s group or the online forum and ask the question once and get answers from real companies that use it every day. I love it, I wouldn’t even dream of using anything else.
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