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Since September 2009, I have been using ConnectWise and LOVE it! At times there have been situations where the support was spotty, but never with severe issues. In the beginning we spent a lot of time sorting out various minor problems as we had expected to do with any software of this caliber. The software ran on our in-house server back then, which added some management time and costs, but today we use the cloud version which is infinitely better than it was upon first release. We also use Labtech for our remote monitoring and love it.

ConnectWise is a monster that helps to run the vast majority of your business so if you're expecting to install it without any configuration or learning curve then you're barking up the wrong tree. Think of it like downloading a business plan template and attempting to use it to obtain funding without making any changes. Silly right? So take some time to learn the software and how it can improve your business processes before jumping into it with little to no regard.

I guess the moral of the story is, don't get all worked up about a few negative reviews regarding support because there will be bumps along the road. ConnectWise is an incredibly powerful and robust software that will improve your business by leaps and bounds. If it doesn't then you're not using it properly.
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