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Network Operation Centre (NOC) U udayak 830
Stay Away from Cloud Services Depot
Please read this review we posted on RipOffReports.Com:

We hired Cloud Services Depot to augment our IT services and provide technical support for our customers over the phone when we could not. What we got was not what we bargained for when we noticed that our service wasn't working one day - the toll free number they provided was no longer working. We promptly notified Cloud Services and it took them a day to respond back to us and fully get services restored. When we complained and asked for a refund our account was closed. If you need technical services for your customers stay away from Cloud Services Depot.
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March 05, 2012
i have used CSD for 2+ years for both help desk and hosted kaseya. my experience has been vastly different than posted above. services always work (espeically kaseya) and i never had a telco problem at the help desk.

the setup of the help desk is a little tricky so maybe the user above had issues. it took a couple of calls to my accoutn manager to get our account up and running.
1 results - showing 1 - 1