Pandora FMS is a Commercial OpenSource monitoring software for all purpose monitoring. Oriented to business. Professional version focused in getting the best result with minimum effort, with plugins for SAP R3, Oracle, Microsoft technologies, or complex environments such as AS/400 o z/OS. Graphs and reports: Capacity reports, SLA, prediction, custom graphs and over twenty predefined reports available online, for sending by email, in PDF or export to XML. Flexible and adaptable: The same tool monitors dozens of networks geographically distributed, without agents, or a flat organization behind several levels of firewalls, with agents installed in all types of OS’s. Unified Monitoring: Manage all your servers, networks, applications, virtualized platforms and network environments. Everything under control with a single tool and with the same interface. High scalability: Designed to serve in large-scale installations with excellent performance. Backed by several case studies in production environments with thousands of servers.

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Terminal Services Log is unique application for Citrix and Remote Desktops Services that allows you complete insight into your terminal server environment based on Citrix. With a few clicks you get information about users, performance of server, user applications, license usage and much more. Terminal Services Log is the first and only application that logs sessions for every user connected to Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) or Citrix XenApp (formerly Presentation Server/Metraframe XP). Terminal Services Log also supports other RDP or ICA application delivery solutions.


Our truly elastic pricing model scales with your business but, uniquely, reduces if your customer base shrinks Dynamic dashboards and SLA reports strengthen customer loyalty by demonstrating all the hard work going on behind the scenes Easy administration frees up your engineers to focus on addressing underlying infrastructure problems, not spending time developing and managing bespoke monitoring software Out-of-the-box reporting and status views means rapid time-to-value, you won’t be waiting months for internal development resources to produce customized reports Our professional support team reduce the risk of running unsupported free software in mission-critical environments Complete coverage of your IT infrastructure (including Cloud monitoring) means future-proofing against new technologies without major changes to your monitoring systems Build your brand by customizing Opsview Enterprise’s dashboards with your corporate logo and service definitions