Soluto is a smart comprehensive IT solution with many benefits. I’ll try to summarize a few of the main advantages: Soluto has a big-data analytics system based on its users anonymous devices and data. Users get recommendations based on this data that enables them to get informed decisions when managing devices. This is very unique and if I’m not mistaken, cannot be found in any other tool. Real-time alerts and summary reports help me monitor more devices and support more customers (thus making more money..). I didn’t need to hire any help after signing in to Soluto. A lot of stuff became really easy and automated. For example, whenever you get an alert you have a one-click action suggested that can fix the issue that arose. You can do that too from any device…that’s awesome. Soluto really takes care of its users with a friendly, non-presumptuous UI. Not only that, the people you’re supporting enjoy simple instructions when needed and a notification whenever the technician improved their PC, iPhone or any other device. Oh, and all of the communications with the people you’re supporting will carry your logo or picture. It gives it a personal touch that IMHO lacks in other IT tools. Last but not least, whenever I use a service I also take into consideration the bad times – like when you came across a problem or found a bug in the product. That happens unfortunately. With Soluto, I had only 2 support issues so far but in both cases I got a great service from the support team and a follow-up email to see that everything is running smooth later. Now THAT’s worth my money.

Ninite Pro

Application and Utility Update tool that massively reduces administrative overhead.