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Spam Protection C claimme 1293
Amazing Product and Amazing Service
Been using CAN-IT for over two years now for hosting various clients. The team at Roaring Penguin has done great job with this software. Highly configurable and often if it doesn't do exactly what you need out of the box the team at Roaring Penguin can make it do it. We needed a custom solution to login to a legacy mail service and they had no trouble writing the routine to allow each domain on the appliance validate credentials against this legacy box.

In terms of SPAM having used Barracuda for years, I have to say that CAN-IT has far better spam control. One of our clients is staffing agency so had lots of spam with words like work, resume coming in. Now clearly we can't block these words, after a little bit of tweaking in the first month we were able to eliminate around 99.99% of spam with less than one or two false positives per quarter. After two years most of our users don't even realize it exists, it's that good.

For most people getting 95% of spam removal out of the box willl be sufficient, but if you really want to get rid of the next 5% you can with this product.
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