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* Customizable and Scalable spam and virus protection
* Automatic updates in spam protection software
* Inbound and outbound mail spam scanning
* Per user Bayesian analysis including access to the RPTN
* Bayesian training database
* IP Reputation database
* Available as Software or as an Appliance
* Integrated with AutoTask and ConnectWise
* Integrated with Level Platforms, Kaseya, N-Able and more

CanIt-Domain-PRO is anti spam software designed for Managed Service Providers, Web Hosts, ISPs, Universities and anyone who has to manage multiple domains. The CanIt-Domain-PRO anti-spam software enables a super system administrator to delegate system administration rights which in turn allows the designated system administrator to offer per-user or per-group anti spam filtering. CanIt-Domain-PRO introduces the concept of "realms" into its internet anti spam program. This allows realm administrators to create users, baseline rules, and streams within their individual realms.

CanIt-Domain-PRO allows MSPs to solve their clients anti-spam problems using a centralized server in their own data center. Multiple clients can be hosted on a single server each having their own administrators who can create baseline rules and users for their realm. CanIt-Domain-PRO can be themed to re brand it using your look and feel. Canit-Domain-PRO can be clustered for load balancing and redundancy. It features automatic fail over for MSPs with multiple data centers . It is IPv4 and IPv6 compliant. CanIt-Domain-PRO features automatic update of all its components including the spam and anti-virus rules, the shared Bayesian database, the IP Reputation database, the underlying operating system, etc. Other features include: 1. Outbound Rate Limiting CanIt can automatically block senders who send too many messages per hour. This allows system administrators to protect the reputation of their networks from compromised computers spewing spam. When a sender's outbound e-mail volume exceeds the hourly rate limit, the sender is stopped from sending any more e-mail and notifications are automatically sent to the email administrator. 2. CanIt-Reputation Block List The CanIt Reputation List collects IP reputation data from a worldwide network of sensors. Roaring Penguin aggregates this data into four DNS-based block lists: * Spam Source: A list of IP addresses that have sent mostly spam and very little non-spam. * Dictionary Attackers: A list of IP addresses that have sent to many nonexistent recipients and very few valid recipients. * Greylist Stumblers: A list of IP addresses that have been thwarted by greylisting. Such machines are typically compromised personal computers. * Good: A list of IP addresses that have passed greylisting, have sent to very few nonexistent recipients, and have sent mostly non-spam. These machines are very likely legitimate mail servers. 3. Multiple Hierarchical levels of Administrative Control CanIt-Domain-PRO permits arbitrary levels of administrative control. For example, an installation administrator has overall control. He or she can delegate control over sets of domains to a regional administrator, who in turn can delegate control over some domains to site administrators. Finally, site administrators can delegate control over individual quarantines and settings to end-users. 4. SNMP Monitoring CanIt-Domain-PRO is compliant with all standard SNMP monitoring systems. Roaring Penguin now offers SNMP agents and MIBs to monitor the performance and availability of its CanIt products.

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Great product, wonderful support
We decided to bring our spam filtering inhouse and avoid expensive monthly fees by hosting it with a 3rd party. After months of evaluating products, we decided to go with CanIT. We've been using it for going on 2 years now and have never had a glitch, false positives are at a bare minimum, and support has been wonderful if we have needed assistance. I highly recommend the product and the company.
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Amazing Product and Amazing Service
Been using CAN-IT for over two years now for hosting various clients. The team at Roaring Penguin has done great job with this software. Highly configurable and often if it doesn't do exactly what you need out of the box the team at Roaring Penguin can make it do it. We needed a custom solution to login to a legacy mail service and they had no trouble writing the routine to allow each domain on the appliance validate credentials against this legacy box.

In terms of SPAM having used Barracuda for years, I have to say that CAN-IT has far better spam control. One of our clients is staffing agency so had lots of spam with words like work, resume coming in. Now clearly we can't block these words, after a little bit of tweaking in the first month we were able to eliminate around 99.99% of spam with less than one or two false positives per quarter. After two years most of our users don't even realize it exists, it's that good.

For most people getting 95% of spam removal out of the box willl be sufficient, but if you really want to get rid of the next 5% you can with this product.
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Outstanding Product
This product is 5 STARS. We needed to move from a hosted product to an in-house solution alomost two years ago and afterlooking at many solutions we decided to take the CANIT plunge. The experience has been terrific and we use this for both managed service clients as well as for a hosted Exchange environment.
The flexibility and scalability are both great and this runs in a virtual environement with no issues.

The Vendor also makes referrals based upon your location which has also been a plus for us.
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Service Provider Business Model
We have been using Can-IT for over a year now and it is one of our easist products. It has great funtionality and takes very little maintenance.

We uhave it running in a HA/load blancing cluster mode and we have not had any major issues whatsoever. When we do have small hiccups the support team at RP are great and very efficient.

The end-user interface is highly brandable and very intuitive for end-users and they love it.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product for anyone looking to cut out their spam.

Scott Jackson
VP Technology
The Utility Company
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