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AVG Technologies
On Premise
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Monthly subscription based on services used per device, total number devices.


Antivirus, Online Backup, Content Filtering, Remote IT

While the component services are hit and miss, the web portal management interface is unreliable. The antivirus and online backup components of AVG Cloudcare are the only viable services available. The Content Filtering and Remote IT are dysfunctional.

CloudCare is a web portal based platform for antivirus, online backup, content filtering and remote IT targeted at MSP and resellers managing services across multiple clients.

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CloudCare Two Thumbs Down
Having used and recommended AVG Antivirus since the late '90s, and having resold it since 2007, I had high hopes when I switched to the CloudCare service in early 2013. Going from managing annual licenses for each individual client to managing all clients in one interface was going to make things much easier. Except that it didn't. It was a bumpy start, and went downhill from there.

While the concept is great, the execution is lousy with technical issues. And that is not a rash statement on my part. I hung in there with CloudCare for 2 1/2 years. Some issues remain unresolved for over a year. And new issues arise with every update AVG puts out. The web portal for CloudCare is unreliable and prone to outages. The Remote IT component is a joke, and the Content Filtering service is ineffective and easily defeated.

Technical support for resellers is unresponsive. Multiple times I waited WEEKS for a response from support.

The antivirus and online backup are very useful, but the web based management tools and reporting for those services cannot be relied upon. While on CloudCare I spent more hands-on time managing these services on individual workstations than I did when using server-centric enterprise class anti-virus. CloudCare is a significant step backward in efficiency.

There are web based, MSP & reseller targeted platforms for these services that work well. AVG CloudCare is not one of them.
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