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Really great platform
Let me start by saying, no PSA is perfect, including Autotask and its primary competitor - ConnectWise. But, Autotask with its brand new interface, dashboards, and tons of new development and features being worked on really will change your business for the better.
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Great Product
(Updated: September 23, 2012)
NOTE: Chris Timm is now an employee of Autotask, this review was written whilst running his MSP business TCG.

Autotask is one of those really great products, that just works. I wrote a blog post about it a few months ago, which says it all.
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Saved our Business
Our 3 person MSP switched from spreadsheets, sticky notes, and e-mails to Autotask two years ago. Prior to the switch we were dropping client requests, double and triple entering information, not communicating effectively, and flat out leaving money on the table.

The other reviewers have covered much of what I was going to say. Suffice it to say that we were going down in flames and needed help, badly. After evaluating TigerPaw, ConnectWise, CommitCRM, and Autotask, we chose Autotask Pro.

We went Pro right away even though Go! was for three users as we saw the advantages of the extra users. Two months later we added our 4th employee and were even happier to have Pro.

My admin has told me time and time again she will leave if we ever get rid of Autotask. She loves the ability to easily put tickets in, check ticket history, and quickly invoice clients and transfer to QuickBooks.

My techs like it because of how easy they can enter tickets, track time, look up resolutions in the Knowledge Base, and keep their service calls synced with their Exchange e-mail. The ability to use any web browser or mobile phone to work tickets is also a hit.

I love it because Autotask is cheap and makes us money. I can quote, manage a project, and see everything that's going on in my business from one program. The reports are critical to understanding where we are compared to where we need to be. I also like the fact that AT runs fine on very slow connections; my competitors have to pay for employee Internet upgrades so they can work for home - not me!

Since we have implemented Autotask our client communication has gotten much better, ticket resolution is faster and more accurate, and client satisfaction is way up. The seamless and beautiful integration with our Level Platforms RMM has been an important part of this increased efficiency. We actually converted two break/fix clients to Managed Services Clients when we rolled out the ticketing as they believed we were now "big time IT players."

As one reviewer said the sales part could be better. That is the only negative I can say about Autotask Pro. The seamless integration with QuoteWerks has resolved any issues we had there.

In short: Autotask Pro is awesome!!!! Every quarter there are new features rolled out, the service has never one down, and I don't have a server to patch, backup, support, and upgrade. Autotask is one bill that no one at VanGuard quibbles about.
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Fantastic product, makes us much more money than before..
We switches from a manual system about 12 months ago and haven't turned back.

Even for a small house, our billing is nearly double some months due to us capturing all the billable time.

As with any system of this size, there are some downsides, but we haven't found anything that we haven't been able to work around at the moment.

We did try the sales module, but it wasn't great 6 months ago. They did purchase VAR Street but it isn't released in Australia as yet, so we still use a manual Excel based system and hoping this works.

A fast internet connection is a must with this product as it is hosted. If you are in a poor Internet area, you will have a slow experience (when we use it on 3G wireless Internet dongles it is a much slower experience).
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Helped transform our business
We're a 44 employee managed service provider based in the UK, 3 years ago we purchase our RMM system which had a pretty poor ticketing system so we knew we needed to purchase a product to manage our calls , our staff and our business in general. We read about lots of different products but when we had a webinar of Autotask within 20 minutes we'd decided it was the tool for us.

Autotask has allowed us to:

Intergrate our RMM product
Manage our staff using dispatchers workshop more effectively
Track customer utilisation of resources allowing us to increase revenues

Without the product I don't think we would have been able to sustain the growth we have over the last 3 years, we were 10 people and now at 44 - I've got to say great product , well done Autotask
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If you're an MSP, you need to use AT
FAR is a 14 staff MSP based out of Ottawa Canada. We've been using AT for about 5 years. No PSA product is perfect - but AT comes as close as you are going to get to perfection. The key element is their drive for continuous improvement. As a cloud-based product, the system is continuously being improved with updates and feature/functions that are driven by YOU - the customer. They have an active, loud, and technically savvy user community and a sounding board where you can quickly get answers from AT users and staff on your challenges not just with using the product, but even growing your MSP business. We are so in love with this product that we resell it to our customers to solve their business processing/automation needs. It is an awesome product. Don't waste your time with Connectwise and other wannabes - go for the gold standard - go for Autotask. And in case you're wondering, I did NOT get paid to write this ;).
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Fantastic, a market leader!
Fantastic, a market leader!.. Intuitive and IT WORKS!

Being a support company and interfacing with MANY PSA tools we have a clear vision of setup and use for these tools.

User friendly interface, very highly functional, excellent support. For sure a solid investment for companies of any size.
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