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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 1883
If you're an MSP, you need to use AT
FAR is a 14 staff MSP based out of Ottawa Canada. We've been using AT for about 5 years. No PSA product is perfect - but AT comes as close as you are going to get to perfection. The key element is their drive for continuous improvement. As a cloud-based product, the system is continuously being improved with updates and feature/functions that are driven by YOU - the customer. They have an active, loud, and technically savvy user community and a sounding board where you can quickly get answers from AT users and staff on your challenges not just with using the product, but even growing your MSP business. We are so in love with this product that we resell it to our customers to solve their business processing/automation needs. It is an awesome product. Don't waste your time with Connectwise and other wannabes - go for the gold standard - go for Autotask. And in case you're wondering, I did NOT get paid to write this ;).
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