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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 1368
We have 11 employees and selected AT for quicker startup and ease of use
We are mostly project centric infrastructure VAR and have about 20% MSP business. We had older version of TigerPaw deployed and use LPI for monitoring, QuickBooks Premier for accounting and QuoteWerks for quotes. We have a small internal Help Desk manned from 8am-5pm.

I asked several companies for references and also asked people in our industry before deciding. I had 3 main decision factors for selecting our solution
Stable and easily maintained
Qucik system deployment (can't be a drain on revenue)
Interacts with other Fulcrum systems

We have been pleased with AT as I spent about 1 mo. prepping for the rollout and originally planned to only test 4 users. We had a high degree of success and went ahead and rolled out company after 2 weeks. I like that AT conducts upgrades and they are pretty seemless to us and can't remember having any issues, versus other cloud services. We mainly use for the ticketing, automating MSP billing and connectivity to LPI and QW. We do ticketing and batch import into QB for our billing process. We turn around invoices much quicker, though we have sales do a final approval of invoices in QB.

The sales functionality in AT I think is weak, but we used Goldmine in past so bar is high. I wish the opportunities function could pull sales quote and cost from QW to reduce entry (it currently just passes contact info between AT and QW). Many VARs use ConnectWise but I also feel there is lots of time spent on maintaining the system and "fixing" things. I do, however, believe that CW has more ability for customization and automation. One day we might change, but for today we don't have the time or desire to spend lots of time on our system. We also still need to invest the time on our end to understand and refine our processes before trying to automate in a system.

We just started working with Taskfire client facing solution. We like it so far but think pricing is still high considering our marketspace and selling against free solutions like Spiceworks. We might get better traction as we learn more about it's enhanced features, but several of our clients see SW as "good enough" for the price.

We like the AT dashboards and reporting, but are just learning more about its operations and organizational metrics. Hoping to get more automation for easier prep of our daily huddles.
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