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Atera Hot
Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 3025
A breath of fresh air in a crowded RMM Market
I was previously a client of GFI Max, and knew it was time to switch. I was paying roughly $240 a month, just for Monitoring, AV, and Remote access. This didn't include a help desk or PSA system at all. Plus the back end always seemed clunky and I didn't really get much accomplished with it.

I found Atera on a stroke of luck, and I'm glad I did. The first thing that really impressed me was the fact that there is no per device fee. This would allow me to grow, and appropriate more of my money into other areas.

Second, with the PSA and Help desk being tightly integrated into this product, it made Customer management super simple. I seem to open Atera every day, because I find it to actually help me keep an eye on my client's systems, like it should. Where on the flip side, I tried to find any way to avoid logging into GFI because it was just mundane and un-useful.

I definitely recommend Atera to anyone starting out, or currently unhappy with their current solution.
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