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Atera Hot
Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 3025
Atera maybe the Best
What hits me the most about Atera is that it is almost for free, with their per technician billing you will never find a better pricing anywhere, for some of us who are still new in the industry and also want what the big boys have we can safely say we found our robin hood. It is a true God-sent for any serious IT personnel or company as it provides the key elements that should be there.
1. Accountability (ticketing system)
2. Remote monitoring giving us a proactive approach.
3. Remote assistance, the best way to meet SLA agreements
4. CRM we are all in it for the money and we need a way to track our clients and contracts.
5. Web based, allowing me to work from virtually anywhere in the world.
So for me it is a full package.

With every system there will always be bugs and glitches here and there but they do make up for it with an exceptional support team, you are never alone. I have noticed an average of 1 hour for someone to be working on any issue that may arise. The only downside i have noticed is the inability to completely customize the software to my individual needs myself, however i can still communicate with the team to do it for me.
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